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Bio-Oral™- New Phototherapy Modality

Bio Oral™ – Clinically tested Drug-free System Photo-therapy systems for Aphtous ulcers, Gingival inflammation, Bad breath, Herpes simplex, Cold sores

Bio-Oral™ is a revolutionary new device for the immediate treatment of: Mouth ulcers, Gingivitis Mouth ulcers, Gingivitis, Facial lesions, Lip sores, bad breath etc. This breakthrough treatment utilizes proprietary low-level narrow band light technology for the non-invasive, drug-free, safe treatment of various oral and facial disorders. 

The treatment is neither chemical nor pharmacological and has no side effects. It is based on the phototherapy principle (treatment with light energy), and uses a visible light source: Red-Light 630nm at a narrow band wavelength. 

Bio-Oral™ utilizes sophisticated light-emitting diodes, which precisely emit the required light energy. The desired effect of treating the following conditions takes place at this wavelength: Facial wounds, Herpes simplex, Aphthous ulcers, Gingivitis. 

The proven success of the Bio-Oral™ Studies have shown that exposure to non-coherent, low-level red light 630 mm macrophages releases factors which stimulate fibroblast proliferation and mediators of wound repair and healing of inflammatory processes. 

The bio stimulation effect of low-level, narrow band light has attracted considerable interest since the pioneering work done in the early 1970’s and has been proven in clinical studies. The Bio-Oral™ is designed to serve as a personal device for treating sores on the face, lips and mouth, as well as cold sores.